Law Day

Litchfield County Bar Association Journal


The Litchfield County Bar Association is celebrating Law Day today with a reception at the Litchfield History Museum.  The Society holds the Litchfield County Bar Association Records, 1793-1886 in the Helga J. Ingraham Memorial Library. This single volume record book contains various information pertaining to the Litchfield County Bar Association. The first entry is dated December 1796.  The volume includes entries by various secretaries documenting rules for admission to practice, resolves, and fees.  Adonijah Strong is the first party listed as Chairman, and Frederick Wolcott the first as Clerk of the Bar.  It establishes a fee schedule for the Court of Common Pleas and the Superior Court. It provides listings of students studying for the bar at the Litchfield Law School and reading law with various attorneys.  It also notes when particular students have completed their studies.  Several Litchfield Law School students held the Secretary’s position and kept the minutes.  The volume ends in 1886.  It has been a valuable resource for providing citations of attendance for many law school students.  Images of the pages will soon be available in The Ledger.


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