The Hawk-Hurst, 1906

This brochure, from the Hawk-Hurst hotel, continues to extol the virtues of Litchfield.  The next page reads as follows:

It is true, as a well known newspaper writer has recently said, that “all the poor wretch” has to do “who is languid with the luxuries of Lenox, stuffed with the satieties of Saratoga, nettled by the noodles of Newport, sick of the snobberies of Southampton, riled at the rigidities of Ridgefield, or piqued at the pretensions of Pittsfield,” all that this poor wretch has to do is to “come and bask for a while in the lithsome light of Litchfield.” He will leave a better and a happier man. But he will leave only to return the next season. It is an invariable rule that a person comes, sees, and is conquered. Once in Litchfield he is always a Litchfielder.

Special June rates for the season of nineteen hundred and six- $12.50 to $20 per week.


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