Scaffolding goes up

If you have walked or driven past the Litchfield History Museum in the past month you may have wondered about the scaffolding and construction equipment surrounding the building.

We are getting a new roof!









Roof and Gutters




But it is not any run of the mill roof. After 108 years of service the standing seam copper roof and  elaborate copper gutters and leaders have become severely deteriorated and are being replaced.



Deteriorated mortar joints


The roof is not our only issue.  Many of the bricks and mortar joints in exterior walls have deteriorated and made it possible for water to infiltrate into the building  causing  damage to paint and plaster in the museum.  The construction project began with masons replacing bricks and fixing mortar on all sides of the museum



After several years of planning and preparation,  funded by grants from the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, we developed a comprehensive plan to address all the buildings needs, both interior and exterior.  The first phase of the project will fix all of the exterior issues – from the roof and gutters to window and door repair.  Thanks to generous grants from the Seherr-Thoss Foundation and the 1772 Foundation we have received funding for  this work and the building will be water tight by winter.

We will keep you updated on  the progress as the work as we go forward. We have already uncovered some fascinating
new information the building. Check back next week for an update.





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