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My Country Society, Inc. was founded in 1967 with the purpose of publishing a journal, My Country, related to American history. Initially, the journal was distributed throughout Litchfield County to schools, historical societies, libraries, town halls, banks, and other places. Later, it became available by subscription. The publication schedule varied, but typically several issues were produced each year. New and established authors were encouraged to submit manuscripts. The Society also awarded  scholarships to Litchfield High School students. In 2008, the Society ceased its operation and merged its assets with the Litchfield Historical Society.

Our blog posts are organized into categories based on topic. We hope you enjoy reading all the different subjects and highlights.

Staff Topics:
Staff picks, walking tour subjects, project updates, etc.

Articles related to what happens in our archives and with our archival collection

Updates about our changing exhibits and topics

Litchfield Law School:
Posts that include information about the Litchfield Law School

Litchfield Female Academy:
Posts that include information about the Litchfield Female Academy

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